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World Vision Micro Starts Blogging

Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010

By Brad Stave, VisionFund International, Marketing and Communications

By its very nature, World Vision Micro, the microfinance donation portal developed through a partnership of World Vision International, VisionFund, and World Vision US, is a social networking tool.

In an effort to develop interest and engagement through social networks and web 2.0 technologies, World Vision Micro has developed a blogging site that uses a catalogue of authors to provide various microfinance related articles.

Authors include World Vision US’ Karen Larsen, Allison Rosser, Ashley Granda, and Bwalya Melu; VisionFund’s Brad Stave and Nick Ackerman; and Lisa Pacini, a freelance writer. For full bios please visit:

Recently, Joan Monosco, a Filipino entrepreneur, was featured in a post authored by World Vision US’ Allison Rosser. Here is her post:

Why hello there! Thanks for checking out our site!

I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite entrepreneur, Joan. Yes it’s true, I said it: I have favorites. And you will too (I hope!), once you finish reading this post…

Joan lives in the Philippines and runs a small convenience store, known locally as a “sari-sari” store. But this isn’t just any ordinary convenience store. While Joan sells tasty treats in one half of the store, she operates a karaoke machine in the other. Can you believe it?! This woman’s business idea is a one-stop-shop-and-bop! Genius.

Clearly Joan saw that there was a need in her community that wasn’t being met–specifically, the need to sing bad, but oh so good, 80′s music. She then decided to capitalise on this unmet need by providing her community a karaoke machine and charging people a small fee to use it. Now if that’s not entrepreneurship, then I don’t know what is…

Now I confess that I’m battling a strong desire to go karaoke right now, but before I’m off, I’d like for you to consider: Who is YOUR favorite entrepreneur?

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